tisdag 27 september 2011

ITWASMAHBIRTHDAY, And I know that you guys probably don't give a fuck!

Not much to say really only that I kinda felt like the first seconds of this old internet gem:

It was a good day and I'm off to bed! Give you all a better update tomorrow! I'll give ya some ol' good dubstep before I tuck in. 

One love

söndag 25 september 2011

Sunday, And the best dream ever.

Hey guys, so its Sunday already. Jesus, time really flies when you are enjoying yourself! Had a great weekend, nothing really special but had few drinks with some friends, good times.

But last night I had the best fucking dream ever. Period. I woke up crying 05:15 because it was so awesome. I don't remember shit though, except for a few things:

The dream had me scared shitless a few times, not that crappy horror movie scared, no a real fucking primal fear. Funny thing was that it felt good afterwards, I felt alive in a new sense, strange but completely awesome!

Another thing was the most beatiful nature scenery I ever seen, I can place some aspects of real life memories, but somethings were just random.

The last thing I remember was a cute girl I can't recall seeing in real life, it was weird in a sense...

Well well, kinda wish that I'll dream it again sometime!

I'll leave you with some trance! Peace

torsdag 22 september 2011

An Interview

An interview that actually went well. In truth it feels like I aced it, which is a first. They gave a task to call one of their team leaders and act as a employee trying to sell an insurance, it went quite well, was kinda nervous but I managed to "sell" the insurance which hopefully counts for something!

Regarding music I gotta say that this among the best tracks I've heard this year


onsdag 21 september 2011

So it's a blog.

Hey guys, I realised the other day I have no ambitions in life, I'm far to content with my life how it is right now. Considering that I graduated from the Swedish equivalent to high school and the fact that I'm currently unemployed its kinda scary. So why start a blog? To get some motivation I started a blog (altough I fail to see how this gonna help my out, but what the hell, going with the feeling).

To end on the bright side I got a job interview tomorrow, gotta see if I crash and burn or actually win a something for once.

Just gonna leave this track here, can't say I like the vocals but otherwise its quite good.