onsdag 21 september 2011

So it's a blog.

Hey guys, I realised the other day I have no ambitions in life, I'm far to content with my life how it is right now. Considering that I graduated from the Swedish equivalent to high school and the fact that I'm currently unemployed its kinda scary. So why start a blog? To get some motivation I started a blog (altough I fail to see how this gonna help my out, but what the hell, going with the feeling).

To end on the bright side I got a job interview tomorrow, gotta see if I crash and burn or actually win a something for once.

Just gonna leave this track here, can't say I like the vocals but otherwise its quite good.



3 kommentarer:

  1. Cheering for your interview tomorrow, and I hope the blog fills some kind of void in your life ;)

  2. Good luck!
    You have a nice blog, i'll follow you

  3. I just saw your tutorial ;) ! Like your blog !